What We Do

Cannella is a television media company obsessed with results.

Short-form, mid-form and long-form performance based media planning, buying and management services

As one of the most established and experienced DRTV agencies in the US, Cannella provides short-form, mid-form and long-form performance based media planning, buying and management services. We supply our clients with access across 1,100 local broadcast stations, national and regional cable networks and our proprietary network of CPA TV media inventory. But we also provide the insight, analytics and experience to understand how to best put that inventory to use in order to maximize the ROI potential for a successful television campaign. 

Our expertise doesn’t stop there. Because of our deep understanding of what it takes for a program to be successful and first-hand experience across the spectrum of verticals, we’re able to work closely with our clients in a consultative role to ensure their messaging, creative assets, support partners, etc. are best positioned to maximize ROI opportunities

Significant access to effective and cost efficient media time across all platforms

We aggregate and manage the largest pool of national and regional cable, satellite, and OTT media inventory. On top of that, we’re constantly analyzing a wide array of media to accumulate a mix of premium inventory at rates that are proven to drive engagement at a positive ROI. Over thirty years of continuously building media plans has made Cannella the place to go for prime media.

Extensive and proprietary CPA networks

In addition to traditional media flighting, Cannella has aggregated a proprietary mix of inventory to provide our clients with a competitive advantage when running a successful campaign. Cannella clients have access to our long form and short form media platforms that are offered on a cost per action basis: no action, no pay. Cannella assumes the media risk. Additionally, for clients interested in Nielsen rated media, we can guarantee advertisers a locked-in CPM to help achieve reach and frequency goals without concern of run-away rates.

Our CPA platform allows marketers to more efficiently use their working capital during rapid expansion of a program or to achieve the critical mass needed to maintain a share leadership position… and all without any risk.

What people say about us

  • If I had to fashion an agency from the ground up, it would look just like Cannella Response Television. The professionalism and personality of the agency truly trickles down from the top echelons and branches out to every facet of the company. They buy tough, work hard, and have fun doing it. Any direct response company in need of a successful media campaign, should look no further than Cannella. In a land of excitement, Cannella is our Superman. We are extremely proud of our partnership with them!

    - Shane Marquette, Account Executive, ABC National Television Sales​

  • Cannella Response Television has a well-established and long term presence in the top tier of long form agencies that we deal with on a daily basis. Whether working with their management, buying teams, or accounting/support staff, we are extremely confident that we’ll receive efficient, accurate, and honest communication.

    - Chris King, ​Sales Manager, FOX Station Sales

  • Of all the agencies I deal with, I have never had a better experience than I’ve had working with Cannella Response Television. They set the bar for what a direct response agency is supposed to be. There is always someone to assist me - no matter what. Their media buyers possess a unique ability to be both aggressive in pursuing media time, but also smart in making sure that time works for their clients. Ultimately whenever I have a piece of business, CRT is who I go to first.

    - Matt Eisenberg, ​Account Executive - Long Form, CBS National Sales

  • Cannella is dedicated to being a leader in the industry. I find their broadcast buying team to be experienced, professional, and most importantly a pleasure to work with. They are a valued longtime client with a track record of honest business ethics not always found in the long form industry.

    - Brad Day, ​Director Paid Programming, Cox Reps

  • Communication with CRT is something I look forward to; they force us to work hard and negotiate strong. The CRT team is comprised of consummate professionals; their staff is reliable in dotting all their “i’s” and crossing all their “t’s”. And above all, CRT understands the value of relationships with their vendors; it is relationships that puts CRT at the top of our list.

    - JoAnn Levey, ​​Senior Vice President, Network Long Form Sales, ION Media Networks

  • Cannella has been extremely helpful for us to launch our first campaign in U.S market. Their experience and knowledge definitely accelerated our success.  


    Hironori Sobata


    Privee Solomon

  • We work with several teams at Cannella and each and every team member is experienced and knowledgeable. They turn around proposals on tight timelines and are dedicated to helping their clients succeed. The Cannella teams are a pleasure to work with, and we can always count on them to help us launch successful media campaigns!


    Fiona Tang



  • For over 5 years we have had the privilege of having Cannella as our media partner.  From day one they treated our business like it was their own.  Not only are they incredibly good at what they do, they are creative thinkers, smart analysts and truly great people to work with.  This combination has single-handedly driven the success of many of our campaigns.  They are a truly valuable partner and we are fortunate to have them as part of our team.


    Lindsay Hendricks


    Sr. Media Manager, Positec Tool Corporation

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